'Affordable luxury': Here's where you can find it in North Miami and more is planned

Villa Solé opened in November and about 28 of its 184 units are already leased

Crystal Lagoons | World Design Awards 2020

SoLé Mia is not only raising the neighborhood market value but the luxury amenity standards by housing arguably one of the most unprecedented amenities in a rental community with South Florida’s first man-made lagoon

Novum Design Golden Award Winner in Urban Planning and Landscape Design

Laguna Solé, an eye-popping, swimmable man-made Crystal Lagoon is arguably one of the most unprecedented amenities in a rental community. 

Solé Mia in the Spotlight

SoLé Mia, Miami’s next great destination in North Miami, is being developed by two of the country’s most successful real estate family dynasties, the LeFraks of New York and the Soffers of South Florida

Parks' Greenery Is Golden For Multifamily Residents

SoLé Mia is setting a high bar for residential amenities with a crystal clear 7-acre swimmable lagoon and access to multiple acres of green parks 

Good Morning America: Travel Spotlight

Miami has a 7-acre hidden lagoon no one knows about

Giant, Crystal Clear Man-Made Lagoon Spans Seven Acres In North Miami

 A new North Miami real estate development is getting plenty of attention thanks to its massive man-made lagoon

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Buzz-worthy luxury properties from Miami to Palm Beach are making waves with their outstanding water features

This mini-city could be a ‘game-changer’ for North Miami


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